Project Management

  • Successful delivery of 12 month ESF project in 5 months to support co-operatives and social enterprises to develop their business and management skills for Cambridge Co-operative Development Agency
  • Delivery of national pilot creating new models of enterprise creation to enable people experiencing mental ill health (re)gain employment – (- see video clip: The Bee’s Knees)
  • Development and management of a local social enterprise-exclusive CDFI, increasing its activity and securing additional investment from statutory agencies (- see evaluation report: ‘lending to co-operatives and social enterprises…’)
  • Instigation of local food project, creating regional interest and securing partners from private, statutory and NGO sectors. This was based within a worker co-operative retailing wholefoods and marked a radical new way that it delivered on its mission of improving the health and well-being of local residents.
  • Management of various other projects, funded by Regional Development Agenciess, Learning and Skills Councils, European Regional Development Fund, local authorities, and their successful subsequent auditing by funding bodies, including Government Office

Project management

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