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  1. Tim Hawman says:

    Morning Adrian, I came across your information on the coop uk site when I was filling out a hive application. We are currently the remaining group of people who get their water from a private water supply through a limited company. The supply has been operating for over a hundred years and takes spring water off the moors and delivers it to approximately 15 properties, domestic, farms and a tourism business. The limited company that operates the system has ceased trading and is planning to dissolve by 31/3/2022. Rather than have a protracted legal battle (of which there’s only one winner) we thought it would be good to obtain the supply and operate it as a group. I have been tasked with pulling together the options and it’s only when you start that the panic sets in ! We are situated in the North Yorkshire moors in a village called Ingleby Greenhow. Any advice or guidance would be great.
    Regards Tim Hawman (resident and farmer)

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