Media coverage

Adrian has been invited to draft feature articles for various media, and been interviewed on a range of podcast and YouTube series.

The title of each media resource listed below is linked to the article, stream, or similar, where you can access it.


Imposter Syndrome

What if imposter syndrome isn’t real?

 – a Lunch and Learn session for Enterprise Nation, in 2024

An imposter walks onto the stage…

– a reading of the book for Burnley Words Festival, as part of their local writers night in 2024

Why freelancers (and others) should embrace imposter syndrome

 – guest workshop delivered for Freelance Heroes, in 2023

Conversations with my future imposter

 – a guest interview for the Future Skills Academy podcast, in 2023


Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship

Balancing social mission with financial sustainability

– an #AskTheAdviser Instagram reel for Enterprise Nation

20 years in – have we finally found the question that the CIC is the answer to?

 – feature piece for Stir to Action reflecting on 20 years of data about the Community Interest Company form, in 2024

Redefining social entrepreneurship

 – an interview with Anne Scottlin for the Global Socialpreneurs series, in 2023

Why CICs are not the promised gamechanger for UK businesses 

 – feature article for Pioneers Post, in 2022

Focus on relationships, not transactions

 – guest on the ‘We’re not selling shoes’ podcast for charities to better harness marketing practices, in 2022

The overlaps and links between social and private enterprises

 – podcast interview as part of the LawyerFair series, in 2015

Social sector faces contract dilemma

 – analysis piece for Regeneration & Renewal on why public sector contracts are a ‘poisoned chalice’ for social enterprises, in 2006

Social enterprise – the holy grail of business models

 – feature piece for Faith in Business Quarterly reconciling social enterprise legal and business models with Christian dogmas and theology, in 2009


Unpaid carers and the self-employed / small business owners

Responsible caring and responsible business

 – a guest blog for the Organisation of Responsible Businesses, in 2024


Other themes

How to share our social impact with different audiences

– an #AskTheAdviser Instagram reel for Enterprise Nation

Proving our company/organisational values aren’t just ‘a pile of horse manure’  

– an #AskTheAdviser Instagram reel for Enterprise Nation

How we damage trust when we challenge others

 – exploring how challenge in working relationships can be both constructive and damaging, as part of the ongoing Delightful Dissent series, in 2021

 – Staying a responsible business is easy

guest blog for the Organisation of Responsible Business on how to protect ethical practices when the wider business comes under pressure, in 2020 


On being himself

“Getting a roomful of academic researchers and policy makers to slap each other in the face”

– sharing some of the story of how my business came to be, and how it tries to do good, as part of the collection of case studies on the Everyday People website

Business antics and water pistols

 – reflecting on the more unusual practices in his business model for the Wiz-Media podcast series, in 2024

Member story

 – interview and in-depth profile for ipse’s showcase series of their members, in 2023

The business of surviving flooding

 – sharing stories of personal resilience in the face of floods of biblical proportions for Connections Radio, in 2022

Ethical hero

 – profile interview of Adrian’s ethics in practice, as part of ongoing series profiling ethical entrepreneurs, in 2007

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